Welcome. In the 21st century we have an ocean of resources. We’re not lacking information, knowledge, or wisdom. What we need is a mind that is capable of processing it all.

Meditation at Nalandabodhi Halifax 6218 Quinpool Rd.

“To-let-go-of-something-you-first-have-to-be-close-enough-to-get-ahold-of-it.”More on Meditation

- from Emotional Rescue: how to work with your emotions to transform hurt and confusion into energy that empowers you by Dzogchen Ponlop c2016

“There are many varieties of meditation, but all methods include a sense of settling the mind and body and bringing your awareness to the present moment. You might rest your mind lightly on a visual object or gently place your attention on the coming and going of your breath to help the process of settling. When you take time to sit quietly and meditate in this way, you can relax all that extra effort and simply be who you are. Its a way of getting to know yourself on a much more intimate level. You are just sitting and watching your mind, the coming and going of thoughts, emotions, and sensations – seeing all those and letting them go. You don’t have to do anything with them – fix them up, solve their questions, evaluate them, label them, lock them up, or praise or punish them. It’s a light, touch-and-go process. The less you bother your thoughts, the less they will bother you.

Eventually, you get to know your own mind. You see what sets it off and what calms it down. You listen while it goes on and on until gradually you become friends. You start to discover not only your mind’s tendency to stick stubbornly to its ways, but also its capacity for insight, creativity and compassion. This busy, often  stressed mind we take for granted has so many rich and powerful qualities we never recognized or imagined before.”

Meditation open to everyone, Sundays at 10:00am at Nalandabodhi Halifax, 6218 Quinpool Rd, Halifax –  first Sunday of the month is Tara practice.

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