About This Community

With Rinpoche, April 2016Nalandabodhi Halifax began as a small group of people who wanted to study and practice Buddhism together, following the teachings of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.  In 2013 we established our own centre at 6218 Quinpool Rd. (map)

We now offer study, group meditation practice, and programs with both guest teachings by our Nalandabodhi teachers, and local Buddhist teachers. Please feel free to come by to check us out whether you are beginning your own journey of exploration into 21st century Buddhism and the science of mind, or looking for a Buddhist centre to relate to.

We also meet to practice together and support each other in our centre family or “sangha” and to connect with the larger community through service and engagement.

Find out more about specific events and courses you might want to participate in at Events and Courses Nalandabodhi Halifax. We welcome your interest and curiosity. Please come and visit!

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To learn more about us, our programs and events, join our email list by contacting us at halifax@nalandabodhi.ca.