Paying Membership Contributions

Membership Dues Payments

Your membership dues and donations support the programs, practice and study offered at Nalandabodhi Halifax. 25% of your contributions also support the teachers, transcribers, translators and mandala of the wider Nalandabodhi sangha.  All dues and donations are eligible for a tax receipt.  Questions? Contact Eric Slone

Recurring Monthly Contribution

Members of Nalandabodhi Halifax can pay monthly dues here on our web site. The most convenient method is to set up a recurring Paypal payment by clicking on the button below.

We are grateful for your recurring monthly contribution in support of our community.  We ask that members give as generously as they can and we appreciate whatever contribution an individual’s circumstances permit.

In lieu of Paypal you may mail a cheque to:

Nalandabodhi Halifax
P.O. Box 33123
Quinpool Centre
Halifax, NS
B3L 4T6