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Losar Feb. 5, Year of the Earth Pig New Time! 7:00pm

Pig2019Celebrate Losar, the Tibetan New Year, Year of the Earth Pig


The year of the Earth Pig brings with it a sense of joy and relaxation.  Good will and good motivation can be strengthened.  Being the 12th element of the zodiac, the pig is also a great year for reflection and generosity.

Tuesday, Feb. 5, 7:00 pm: Chants, songs and celebration

All are welcome as we kick off the year with an evening gathering.  Please join us in rousing energy at the beginning of the new year, and in celebrating our wonderful teachers and good fortune!  We will end the evening with sharing some good food and cheer. Details here.

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Tara: Liberation from the Eight Fears: A practice intensive weekend


Saturday Oct. 20 and Sunday Oct. 21

Tara practice is said to help overcome fear and anxiety, enabling us to open our heart of compassion. The practice consists of visualizations, songs and prayers, composed by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

Schedule each day:

  • Tara Practice 10:00 – 11:45
  • Lunch 11:45 – 1:00
  • DVD teaching of Ponlop Rinpoche, followed by tea and discussion  1:00 -4:00
  •  The DVD teachings by Ponlop Rinpoche are from Tara: Liberation from the Eight Fears recorded in Mexico City in 2014.

This program is offered for free.  Donations are gratefully accepted.

RSVP at halifax@nalandabodhi.ca

Ponlop Rinpoche has said…”the main reason that we supplicate Arya Tara to dispel all fears is because dispelling fears was one of her main commitments, or pledges, or vows. So the supplication to become free of these fears, or the supplication for Arya Tara to free us from these fears, relates to all forms of outer and inner fear, outer and inner harm, and outer and inner adverse conditions. And so therefore Tara is a bodhisattva, as an enlightened being. Tara is not just our imagination. She was also a person. You can see the history there. So her enlightened power is to spark that energy or power within us, which is already there. It’s kind of like invoking your own enlightened quality, or the quality of your intelligence, the power of your compassion.”

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How to Forgive

DPR_HOW-TO-Forgive_imageEveryone deserves to be forgiven, to some degree. And at the same time, the quality and extent of forgiveness really depends on the person who is doing the forgiving. In this article, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche shares compassionate advice on how we can approach forgiveness in a way that is beneficial for both ourselves and others.

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Looking for Some Mindfulness?

Come and Sit With Us!

medium_429702209Sunday Mornings 10:00

6218 Quinpool Rd.  Sometimes known as “bare attention” or “peaceful abiding” Shamatha meditation practice begins with chants and then alternates sitting and walking meditation. The practice of meditation is basically a process of getting to know yourself by becoming familiar with your mind. The Buddhist view of the mind is that it’s always awake. Its nature is awareness and compassion.

Special Event: Unity Vashaika Day Sat. May 26 4pm-6pm

Saint Mary’s University: Loyola Building Room #170

A celebration of Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. This “Unity Vaishaka / Wesak / Vesak Day” is organized jointly by the Atlantic Theravada Buddhist Society, GEBIS Halifax, Karma Changchub Ling, Shambhala, Siddhartha’s Intent, and Zen Nova Scotia.

Tuesday 29 May: Shakyamuni Day  10:00am

Shakyamuni Day (or Bodhi Day) is the Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day that the historical Buddha (Siddharta Gautama) experienced enlightenment. Join Mike Munro (TAYS yoga) for a brief talk on the historical Buddha and the meaning of the Buddha today. Join us at Nalandabodhi Halifax 6128 Quinpool Rd. Meditation instruction available. Tea and cookies to follow.

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Milarepa and the Yogic Tradition

Nalandabodhi Welcomes Christoper Stagg

Friday March 30 thru Sunday April 1

chris staggMilarepa is the most well known practitioner of the yogic tradition in Tibet’s history, attaining the greatest potential of a human in a single lifetime. Though he lived over 1,000 years ago, his life example and the methods he employed on his path to awakening are still relevant to us today. In this weekend program, Christopher Stagg will discuss the relevance of Milarepa’s life through his narrative and songs. Chris will explore Milarepa’s encounters with male and female disciples as presented in his new translation of The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa.

There will be a book signing after the Friday night talk, so please bring your copy of The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa if you have one. If not, a small number of books will be available for purchase.​

Christopher Stagg is a Tibetan translator and interpreter for Nalandabodhi and the Nitartha Institute who has studied at Vajra Vidya Institute in Varanasi, India, and at Namo Buddha in Nepal. He recently translated The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa (Shambhala, 2018) under the direction of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. He sings the songs of Milarepa and has degrees in voice performance and music education.

“Milarepa and his songs have been perhaps the greatest source of spiritual inspiration for all Tibetan Buddhists. For a long time, there has been a need for a new and accessible translation of these extraordinary songs. Christopher Stagg has worked with contemporary masters of the lineage and his translation is accurate, lucid, and inspiring.” —Ringu Tulku

Click here to register and for the schedule and more information about this program.

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