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Nalandabodhi Halifax 6218 Quinpool Rd.

unnamedMahamudra for Everyone

A weekend program with Andy Karr

Saturday Nov. 30 and Sunday Dec. 1

The practice of Mahamudra is the way to recognize that confusion is wisdom. In mind itself, there is nothing to be taken away, and nothing to be added. But there is something to be realized. Mahamudra is the method for realizing that.

In this weekend program we will study the Mahamudra view, contemplate pith instructions from short texts like Milarepa’s “Song of Mahamudra,” and of course meditate. It should be fun! Open to everyone.

Pre-register at halifax@nalandabodhi.ca  For more information click here

Intro to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhism

The Journey Doesn’t Start With Answers….. It Starts With Questions.

Tuesdays through November 26 at 7:00pm

  • A series of 10 classes offered by Nalandabodhi introducing pivotal points of Buddhist thought including
  • The Life of Buddha
  • Four Noble Truths
  • Working with Emotions
  • Karma, Interdependence, and Selflessness
  • Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Each class will explore a new topic and leave lots of time for exploration, meditation instruction and discussion. We are aiming for open-ended, lively forums where we can delve into our curiosity and understanding. Everyone welcome! Classes are free.

Pre-register at halifax@nalandabodhi.ca  For more information click here

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From an article by the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

We live in a multicultural society, with all different kinds of people. People are starting to recognize multiple gender identities, not just male and female, but non-binary, gender-queer and so on. People don’t necessarily belong to just one racial or cultural group either, they may belong to different backgrounds.

Interdependence is our reality, you know. You don’t have to look too deeply into things before it becomes very clear that we cannot survive without each other. We’re truly dependent on each other.

Sometimes people ask me how we can see these differences as strengths rather than be afraid of others’ perceived differences. They ask me what the Buddha’s teachings say about equal space for women and men in society, or about gender bias.

What Buddha taught was very much ahead of his time. You could definitely say he was a thought leader. Many of the ideas he had were too radical for the predominant culture worldview of the time. Can you imagine 2,600 years ago, someone talking about equality of gender, talking about equality in relation to caste systems? It’s amazing. Buddha was really ahead of his time.

If you look at the Buddha’s teaching, it’s very inclusive. It gives us valuable guidance about how we can live in this world together and about recognizing how we are dependent on each other. The dharma teachings help us recognize how we can actually support each other’s goodness and wellbeing, instead of only seeing the ways we obstruct and bring harm to each other.

More article

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Losar Feb. 5, Year of the Earth Pig New Time! 7:00pm

Pig2019Celebrate Losar, the Tibetan New Year, Year of the Earth Pig


The year of the Earth Pig brings with it a sense of joy and relaxation.  Good will and good motivation can be strengthened.  Being the 12th element of the zodiac, the pig is also a great year for reflection and generosity.

Tuesday, Feb. 5, 7:00 pm: Chants, songs and celebration

All are welcome as we kick off the year with an evening gathering.  Please join us in rousing energy at the beginning of the new year, and in celebrating our wonderful teachers and good fortune!  We will end the evening with sharing some good food and cheer. Details here.

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Tara: Liberation from the Eight Fears: A practice intensive weekend


Saturday Oct. 20 and Sunday Oct. 21

Tara practice is said to help overcome fear and anxiety, enabling us to open our heart of compassion. The practice consists of visualizations, songs and prayers, composed by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

Schedule each day:

  • Tara Practice 10:00 – 11:45
  • Lunch 11:45 – 1:00
  • DVD teaching of Ponlop Rinpoche, followed by tea and discussion  1:00 -4:00
  •  The DVD teachings by Ponlop Rinpoche are from Tara: Liberation from the Eight Fears recorded in Mexico City in 2014.

This program is offered for free.  Donations are gratefully accepted.

RSVP at halifax@nalandabodhi.ca

Ponlop Rinpoche has said…”the main reason that we supplicate Arya Tara to dispel all fears is because dispelling fears was one of her main commitments, or pledges, or vows. So the supplication to become free of these fears, or the supplication for Arya Tara to free us from these fears, relates to all forms of outer and inner fear, outer and inner harm, and outer and inner adverse conditions. And so therefore Tara is a bodhisattva, as an enlightened being. Tara is not just our imagination. She was also a person. You can see the history there. So her enlightened power is to spark that energy or power within us, which is already there. It’s kind of like invoking your own enlightened quality, or the quality of your intelligence, the power of your compassion.”

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How to Forgive

DPR_HOW-TO-Forgive_imageEveryone deserves to be forgiven, to some degree. And at the same time, the quality and extent of forgiveness really depends on the person who is doing the forgiving. In this article, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche shares compassionate advice on how we can approach forgiveness in a way that is beneficial for both ourselves and others.

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